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Friday, January 27, 2006

Moved in.

Impressions are still as fresh as the paint but, overall, I can say I'm happy. I'll elaborate more as we go along, I'm sure. For now I just want to thank some early well-wishers:

"Please post a picture soon after you decorate. And good luck my friend." Robocub

Mr. V: Posted. That Vanity piece was my grandma's and it's one of the few pieces of furniture in the apartment for now. But that's the way I like it. Give Eddie a big kiss for me.

"Being independent and free to come and go as you wish is going to give you a lift and the freedom to make some major choices." Kitchenbeard

Mr. V: What is it: experience or age? But you are getting wiser, honey! Love you.

"I can only see the door and it's already bigger than my apartment!" Joe

Mr. V: Yes, Joe, but yours is in NY, remember? My aunt use to say she'd rather eat sausage in NY than Filet Mignon in BH. But I think you meant it as a compliment. So, thank you!

"A warm house blessing to you!" Randy

Mr. V: Thank you!