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Monday, February 13, 2006

"Not tonight, Magdalene. I'm beat."

 On the right, my contribution to offensive cartoons, because I can. (The cartoon is funnier in portuguese: JC is saying he is 'nailed' -- pregado -- which means 'dead tired'.)

Ooops! Sorry. Cheney accidentally shoots fellow hunter. Cheney can't be trusted with a shot gun, and he is second in line with his hand on the nuclear trigger. My friend Boozhy nailed it: "According to Cheney, he couldn't see the Texas Millionaire's bright orange vest due to the red that veiled his vision."

Favorite Grammy moment: Mary J. Blige performing "One". Thanks to Mr. Roz.

The New Yorker on Shakers' aesthetics: "How did they begin to make beautiful things, and why did those things take the form they did?"