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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Assorted stuff, where you can tell how bored I am...

Liza @ Larry King via fourfour: "Because this one-minute-37-second video is composed of 18 different clips, there's a lot of context raping. Her reactions and outbursts might not make sense, but don't worry -- they didn't really in the first place."

ART BUCHWALD is dying: "Ordinarily, people don't talk about death. Yet it's very much a part of our lives. I'm in a hospice and seem to have a lot of time to talk about it. My friends and I discuss what death is and where we're supposed to go after it happens."

A GUEST BLOGGER, and an Unwritten Law : "So was born Clooneygate".

STUDY finds evidence that talk shows make elderly people stupid...

HOW do dust bunnies form? (Am I eclectic or what?)