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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Last post from Belo Horizonte.
For now.

From flickr, originally uploaded by filipebr.

It rained in my computer last Sunday. It rains everyday in BH and I should know better than leave the windows open. Life is so much harder without easy access to the Internet...

If you did not get the hint from my previous posts, I´ve decided to go back to NY. As a matter of fact I´ll be there on Thursday night.

I feel excited and extremely anxious. And it shouldn´t be different.

Last time I packed and left Brazil, I was only 25. Of course this time is different: I won´t be illegal, I speak the language and I know some wonderful people that are giving me moral support. But I´m older. Less flexible. Not as strong, healthwise.

I´m excited and very anxious. And it couldn´t be otherwise.