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Saturday, April 01, 2006

New York Spring.

I arrived Thursday night and yesterday the weather could not be more perfect. Perfect Spring. It's amazing that NY is an always evolving city but at the same time there are a lot of things that do not change. You will most certainly meet people at the smae places you left them a year ago. Most don't even notice I was away for so long: "Hey, haven't seen you in a while..."

As I drove from the airport I was trying to gauge my emotions but all I felt was calm. I am certain that here is where I should be. Mr. DF is amazing - while the novelty does not wear out he wants to spend all the time togeher and it's fine because we have a great time together. We had lunch at this new hip place Sacha's at Gaseenvort St in the meatpaking district (where Hell used to be) and we had our share of celebrities dinng next to us. At night we went to Snaxx and I like to believe this time the party was specifically thrown for me. In the last year, while I was in Brazil, I would read other bloggers' posts with lists of who was at snaxx in a given night and I would be so jeaulous... But now I have my chance:

Eric and his DP
Mr. DF
and a LOT more people...

While fun is not the main reason why I came back - my priorities are getting a job and a place to live - I have to admit that it's very important that the possibility of enjoying myself exists - unlike in my beloved BH.