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Friday, May 26, 2006

Thank G it's a long weekend.

Going on in New York City this weekend:

Fleet Week, "bringing thousands of horny, muscled sailors",

Bingham Cup, "bringing 1,000 jocky, beefy gay rugby players to town",

New York City Hoedown, "which will bring a hotel full of sequined, line-dancing gay cowboys".

AND, last but not least, DJ Gustavo's birthday, being celebrated in ALL THE RIGHT PLACES:
It's my Birthday weekend, (my Birthday is May 27)
Here is my schedule so you can stop by and give me a hug:

Thursday - Brut @ EasternBloc (505 E 6 St.)
Friday - Snaxx @ The Westside Tavern (360 W 23 ST. @ 9 Ave.)
Saturday - Cruising @ Siberia (356 W 40 St. @ 9 Ave.)
Sunday - BeerBlast @ The Eagle (554 W 28 St. @ 11 Ave.)