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Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Today at 3pm is Brazil's first game in the World Cup. I spotted a lot of brazilian shirts on the streets of NY today and most of them where not being worn by brazilians.

If you are in the office, like me, you can take peaks at the game through the NYTimes Live blog.

Lame, I know. In Brazil it's a national holiday when there is a game and carnaval afterwards, if we win, of course.

UPDATE: Brad is in Brazil and have this to report, at 3:44pm: "Right now, here in Rio all the businesses have shut down. Except for the open-air eateries that have TV sets.

As I type this I can here the voice of the sportscaster echoing down the street where I'm staying along with all the horn blowing and the fire crackers.

They ain't kidding when they describe football here in Brazil as a religion."