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Friday, June 02, 2006

Trends come but they definitely GO!

Any fashion trend lifecycle looks like a typical bell-curve graph, gradually growing initially (early adopters), then hitting a faster pace of growth (oh, you are so cool), and an equally quick decline after a peak (followers), and finally dying a slow death (so last year).

Most fashion trends will be replaced by new ones and soon forgotten (that's the business of fashion), UNLESS they leave behind visible traces that will remind people of not how trendy you are but what a fool you were.

I can understand people adopting trends that they can grow out of, like, say, a mohawk. Hell, I do. But what about a trend such as having your entire arm tattoed in technicolor? Don't tell me it's not a trend, that you are not into fashion, you are your own trendsetter... 2 years ago one barely saw a full arm tatto and now they are so ubiquitous that they are way downhill on that bell curve.

Long sleeves will be the new black. Soon.