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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Just opened.

Anyone interested?

Miami Vice: "This was not a job that anyone needed to do, but then again no one could have done it better." (than Michael Mann, the director)

"In “Scoop,” his not especially funny yet oddly appealing new comedy, Woody Allen manages to act his age."

"The family that pops Prozac together stays together, perhaps, but the family that piles into an old Volkswagen bus the color of a banana surely has more entertainment value. That at least seems true of the happily (for us) unhappy relations at the center of the bittersweet comedy of dysfunction “Little Miss Sunshine,” a tale about genuine faith and manufactured glory that unwinds in the American Southwest, but more rightly takes place at the terminus of the American dream, where families are one bad break away from bankruptcy."

Another Gay Movie: "is a rude, rollicking and exceedingly raunchy attempt to turn “American Pie” into “American Quiche."

"Brothers of the Head relates the biography of conjoined twins from the southeast coast of England, named Tom and Barry Howe, who at the age of 18 are sold by their father to a sleazy British impresario. The story is an uncomfortable reminder of the degree to which rock ’n’ roll, for all its vaunted “authenticity,” has always been a traveling circus."