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Friday, September 08, 2006

Questions and Answers.

Hello José,

Just a quick line to tell you I love the blog and really liked your first attempt at video editing. Two questions though; firstly the music is very catchy just what is it? Secondly; I take it the dish being eaten is Brazilian what is that?

Thanks, it's all just silly fun.

The song is called Samba da Minha Terra and it is a bossa nova classic. This version is by BossaCucaNova, a group that has revisited - and updated - the classics with a tinge of electronica. I highly recommend their last album.

The dish is called Feijoada and it's considered the Brazilian National dish. It is a slow cooked concoction of black beans and pork parts and it is served with rice, collard greens and sliced oranges (to help digest it). It originated among the African slaves, which were given the left over from the slaughtered pigs at the farm. It's served on Saturdays because it's so heavy it takes the rest of the weekend to recover from it. But it is delicious.