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Monday, October 23, 2006

Cheering myself up.

Some things that make me happy are made of chocolate & marshmallow. Others are just deliciously plain.

Saw Hell House this weekend. The 'play' was written by evangelicals to be performed every halloween to warn adolescents of the easy way to hell (apparently reading 'The Onion' and watching Jon Stewart, among many things). As the Times observed, "because the interest of “Hell House” is more anthropological than theatrical there isn’t a lot for a theater critic to comment on." It's played straight as its creator intended at this warehouse in Dumbo. They did not have to do it any other way to scare all of us.

We’re an entire nation of Marie Antoinettes: "I meet these people all the time: binge consumers, intentionally oblivious young people who see amassing a great shoe collection as their purpose in life." And BTW, I really enjoyed the movie.