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Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day.

My contribution.

My roommate is from Zimbabwe and I'm helping him start a Non-Profit Organization to help children in Africa who became orphan because of the AIDS epidemic.

"Aids in Africa" seems to be all the rage right now with Angelina, Madonna, Bono & all ganging up in a PR blitz that might, at the end, obfuscate people's perception of the real scope of things. It's great to make people aware but they need to be aware of the problem, not the celebrity that is dedicating some of their time to it.

Anyway, when my roommate started this foundation (it's about 2 years old) no one was talking about Africa and now we feel that all this "publicity" might hurt his fund-raising abilities so we are trying to come up with new ideas.

I designed the site for him and, yes, it's based on the template for my blog. We are still working out some aesthetic details and hopefully it will be finished over the weekend but I wanted to put it out here today.

The more I read about Africa the more I get disillusioned. Stuff like this breaks my heart.

I love children and I always wanted to volunteer on something to do with them directly. I heard once about volunteering to hold orphan babies because if they grew up without affection they wouldn't grow as healthy. If you know more details about it or If you have any suggestions onany worthwhile foundation in NYC, please let me know.