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Saturday, May 29, 2004

NYC: expect the unexpected

Nothing better than a total lack of expectations (close to despair) to produce a perfect day: Yesterday started with some great news I received from Erik P.I., who didn't even make it to GB:NY. Then, my final visit to Bellevue Hospital, glad that is over. Hooked up with X-S, visiting from DC. We rode a cab up the entire Central Park ('It feels like we are in the country') to Harlem, then East Harlem (don't ask why). On 105th and 2nd Ave we spotted Bem Bolado, where we had lunch: since it was 'by the pound' and we have eyes bigger than our stomach, we ended up with every Brazilian dish in our plate. Warning: do not try this at home or otherwise.

With our livers hating us, we headed to Regina's place in Hell's Kitchen just to add pain to their agony: Watermelon Margaritas (the three of us but not Lisa who will not part with her Chardonnay).

After dinner (yes, we ate more) we headed to Snaxx only to find out, oddly enough, that it had happened the night before (?). Gustavo, they think I'm crazy...
Since we wanted to stretch the joy of our friendship we headed to Barracuda where we ran into Eddie and Erik (who is now entitled to one day of my slavedom), thus completing a full circled satisfying perfect day.

As Lou Reed would say.