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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

 "Brazilian Girls play Irving Plaza Wednesday night. Not Brazilian. Not girls. (well, one girl)" [Gothamist]

"A sexually transmitted disease rarely seen in recent decades in the United States has reemerged in Boston and other American cities in the past six months, fostering fears that it could herald a new wave of infections of an even more dangerous disease, AIDS." Forwarded by kitchenbeard.

'DEEP THROAT' COUGHS IT UP': "Today’s Rejected Post Headline: DEEP THROAT SPITS IT OUT. Today’s Alternate Rejected Post Headline: DEEP THROAT SWALLOWS HIS PRIDE. Is this an example of remarkable restraint on the part of Post editors — or a blown opportunity?" [Gawker]

New Subway House Rules:
- Placing a foot on a seat or platform bench - $50
- Walking between subway cars - $75

Public Chair: I heart NY.

You saw it here first: "Bless Me, Blog, for I've Sinned." [NYTimes]