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Monday, January 16, 2006

Who's Yer (blog) Daddy?

 I have always been a very proud blog daddy. Joe's talents were clear to me since I became a fan of his profiles at manhunt - he would change them constantly and was often censored - you can be scatologically graphic but don't dare talk about politics... And thus a friendship started. I'm not at all surprised with his success and I'm sure his is guilty of many more blog children than he is aware of.

Joe has sort of started a meme on blog relatives.

I found out about blogs because of a crush - how pathetic. Good thing the guy was also a great writer. His name is Walt and his blog was "Cucalambe: Oyeme" described by the author as "the caffeine-induced life, rants, musings, and what-nots of a gay, Cubano-American living in New York City". I met him at Friendster, through Erik (what does that make him? my blog godmother?), and was immediately hooked on his blog. Sadly, the blog does not exist any longer - nor I have any idea what has happened to Walt. I never had the chance to call him blogdaddy...